Stags Leap

Stags Leap

An Interactive Digital Wine Experience




HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


For their innovative "Stags' Legend" campaign, Stags Leap aimed to immerse users in a captivating digital narrative, celebrating the winery's rich heritage and storytelling through an engaging online experience.


We developed an interactive web experience that seamlessly marries Stags Leap's storytelling with user engagement. Leveraging artist John Rego's vivid depictions of the estate's lore using acrylic and digital media, we crafted a web page where art and digital media converge, inviting users to explore the legend of Stags Leap in an entirely new light.

Stags Leap

Interactive Development

We developed an interactive web page that guides users through the "Stags' Legend" experience, encouraging them to "Take the Leap" into the narrative. This immersive journey, supported by HTML5, CSS3 animations, and JavaScript, made the exploration of Stags Leap's new world as compelling as its wines.

Animations & Video

Utilizing CSS3 animations, we brought to life the intricate details of the artworks that depict the Stags Leap legend, enhancing the storytelling with dynamic visual effects. Embedded video content further enriched the narrative, offering users a deeper connection to the winery's heritage.

Modal window with video content


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