Pantry by Munchery

Pantry by Munchery

Building a High-Converting Ecommerce Store






Pantry by Munchery, a seasonal store offering gift baskets, was on the verge of missing crucial holiday sales due to issues with their less-than-stellar development team's incomplete store implementation. Leveraging our Shopify expertise, we stepped in to transform it into a high-converting ecommerce site, right on time for the peak shopping season.


Our quick and effective intervention resulted in a fast, high-performing Shopify site ready to capture the holiday spirit and drive gift purchases. With this transformation, Pantry by Munchery could capitalize on the holiday sales period, significantly enhancing their brand's online presence and performance.

Pantry by Munchery

Ecommerce Development

When holiday sales were at stake, we delivered the necessary boost. Harnessing the robust features of Shopify, we quickly transformed Pantry by Munchery's website into a high-converting ecommerce platform, ready to handle the influx of holiday shoppers.

Site Optimization

We fine-tuned the site to ensure fast load times and bug-free operations, leading to a seamless browsing and purchasing experience. Moreover, we resolved complex shopping pricing and delivery booking issues by recommending and integrating the best plugins and tools.


"Exceptional team, process, communication, and output. Highly recommended for short and long term assignments."

James Beriker

CEO, Pantry by Munchery

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