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New Releases Now

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New Releases Now (NRN), a leading music discovery website, boasts an impressive legacy with over 11 million visitors and top Google rankings. Despite its achievements, the site faced challenges: an outdated interface and diminishing advertiser revenue threatened its relevance and survival.


Our transformative approach involved a complete overhaul — reimagining, rebranding, and redesigning NRN. The result? A modern, innovative website that captivates music enthusiasts and significantly drives more advertising revenue.

New Releases Now

Strategic Discovery

We began with an in-depth exploration of NRN's unique requirements, crafting a strategic roadmap for its evolution. Key initiatives included refreshing the brand, enhancing user experience, introducing new features, modernizing the technology stack, simplifying site management, and overhauling email marketing strategies.

Wireframing: Sketching out ideas for the new user experience

Website Redesign

Working closely with NRN, we redefined the platform to offer a personalized, nostalgic music discovery journey. Through a comprehensive user interface redesign and the introduction of features like Spotify integration, genre-based navigation, and an advanced music discovery algorithm, we reinvigorated the user experience for music lovers and advertisers alike.

The new design

Mobile Experience

We redesigned the mobile experience to mimic an app with simplified navigation and intuitive touch gestures, ensuring accessibility and engagement on the go.

Redesigned mobile screens

Branding & Identity

Aligning with the platform's new direction, we created a unique visual language and logo that echoed the charm of a vintage record store, strengthening NRN's brand identity.

The new logo

Content Management

Transitioning to Craft CMS, we designed a modern, efficient content management solution. New features like music submission forms and automated image resizing significantly reduced the administrative workload.

User-friendly site management with Craft CMS

Optimization & SEO

We significantly improved website loading times by utilizing advanced coding practices and leveraging efficient caching solutions. Our strategic approach to site migration and technical SEO ensured a seamless switchover to the new site with zero downtime and maintained search engine rankings.

Google PageSpeed: Perfect score on desktop

Marketing & Advertising

To enhance engagement and revenue, we launched personalized weekly music emails, developed new advertising packages, and created compelling sales materials showcasing NRN's revitalized platform.

NRN one-sheet

The Result

Our comprehensive overhaul led to a significant resurgence for NRN. Post-launch, advertising revenue doubled year-over-year. We also observed a 132% increase in email sign-ups, a 63% boost in email click-through rates, and positive feedback from the community.

Additional Services

Following the successful launch, we've continued to develop the site by introducing new features and pages, aiding in streamlining business operations, and integrating Google AdSense for new revenue opportunities.


"Working with PTLab on the NRN project was an incredible experience. They approached our platform like true problem solvers, breathing new life into it and turning it from dated to dynamic. Their exceptional blend of creativity and technical skills was evident as they successfully transitioned us from a platform filled with issues to one that runs flawlessly. Throughout the process, they were more than just an outsourced team. They cared about our project as much as we did, treating it as their own."‍

Vince Hans

President, New Releases Now

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