DAOU Vineyards

DAOU Vineyards

Crafting an Immersive, Luxury Website




Craft CMS/React


DAOU Vineyards, a renowned luxury wine brand in California, sought our help translating their elegant aesthetic into an immersive, interactive digital experience.


The culmination of our efforts was a stunning, fast, and intuitive website that mirrors the exquisite charm of DAOU's vineyard and wines. The site significantly enhanced DAOU Vineyards' online presence, leading to an impressive surge in sales and memberships.

DAOU Vineyards

Frontend Development

Leveraging the capabilities of React, a modern JavaScript library, we collaborated with DAOU's design agency and meticulously refined and transformed their designs into a digital reality — delivering a pixel-perfect, lightning-fast user experience.

Interactive membership sign-up

Ecommerce Integration

We achieved a seamless integration with Wine Direct, DAOU Vineyards' fulfillment platform, ensuring real-time product synchronization and a fluid ecommerce checkout experience. Additionally, we implemented Tock, a sophisticated reservation platform, to streamline the booking process for vineyard tours and events.

Product page with ecommerce integration

Content Management

Our team carefully designed a Content Management System (CMS) using Craft, tailored to DAOU's specific needs. This allowed the DAOU team to manage their site's content effortlessly.

Additional Services

Our partnership with DAOU has continued to grow, extending beyond the initial launch to support a variety of ongoing development projects. This includes enhancing accessibility through American Disability Act (ADA) compliance, integrating Meta Pixel and Conversions API for marketing insights, implementing Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for advanced data analytics, and updating their iOS and Android applications to ensure a consistent DAOU experience across all digital platforms.

DAOU Vineyards


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